Flat Rate Quilting now available

Many times there is a customer who has created a quilt- maybe it's her first or maybe she doesn't really love the way it turned out- and she just want it quilted and out of her hair.  That's why I created a special category called Flat Rate Quilting.

Basically it goes by the size of the quilt top.  The quilting design is left up to me, the quilter. However, it will be something nice that is flattering to the pattern of the quilt. Patterns could include loops and stars, simple meander, loose swirls, or loops and flowers.

The piecer provides the top, batting, and backing.   I provide the quilting and return shipment.

Here are the rates for this new service:

Crib size (will fit 45 x 60 batting)- $25.00
Throw size (will fit 60x 60 batting)- $35.00
Twin size (will fit 72 X 90 batting)- 430.00
Full size (will fit 81 x 96 batting) $50
Queen size (will fit 90 x 108 batting) $75

That's it. No math involved.  But remember that this Flat Rate Quilting is only for less dense, overall designs. I choose thread color and quilting design.

Please call or leave your comment below.

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