Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall is coming

The weather has begun to get a little bit cooler, the leaves are changing colors, and the stores have Christmas decorations out.  That must mean it is fall.   I made this little wall hanging to hang in our living room.  The blocks are from the APQS 2009 Fall Block Swap.  There are blocks from Canada, Australia, and a couple of different U.S. states.    They have been living in a zip loc bag in my closet for several years.  I decided it was time to finish up a few lingering UFO's and this was the first one finished.  It is custom quilted, on my APQS Lenni.  I used matching threads on the top because I didn't want to distract from the actual block designs. There are a variety of leaves and line dancing designs in the quilting

I thought I'd get to keep this one

This one was a challenge.  It was hard to make, wouldn't lay flat (because I'm not a good piecer) and gave me fits.

I ended up having to use double layers of batting in the four corner circles and in the large center circle.  This, combined with the quilting designs, took up the slack. 

It turned out very nice and I was excited to finish it to put it on my bed.  Then my new daughter in law saw it and really liked it.  Of course, I gave it to her for their house.  I hope they enjoy it as much as I intended to.

Grandma, will you make me a quilt

This fun little scrap quilt was made for my youngest granddaughter on a recent visit to our house.  She wanted to make a quilt, so she helped pick out fabrics and a quilting design.  I stitched it together, putting the strips in the order she wanted.  She was very happy to see it finished.  Cotton fabrics, polyester batting, Circle Lord Cosmos board for the quilting design.  Bunny quilting designs in the white strip. 

Carol's Custom Quilt

This gorgeous quilt was designed by Carol from Virginia.  She hand drafted the large motifs, then appliqued them in place before adding the borders.   Quilting it was so much fun.  It gave me a chance to do truly custom work, designing each motif to fit the spaces.  This quilt was huge, it used every inch of my quilting frame.  The battings used were a layer of cotton over a layer of wool.  The effect was delightful.  We were both thrilled with how it turned out.