Friday, January 2, 2015

Even though it was not finished before Christmas, I finally got Vickie's Classic Santa quilt finished.  She was not in a rush for it, but I would have liked to get it back to her before the holidays.  The top thread and bobbin thread are Linen colored, which is a little bit off white.  Vickie sent Warm and White batting. I added a layer of polyester to give the quilting a little bit more pop. 

Each Santa has a different background fill behind him. There is a little bit of quilting on each of the Santas, just to help anchor them in place. I used clear monofilament for that.

 The star blocks have different outline and line dancing designs, with a few flowers, leaves, and loops mixed in.

The back is a red tone on tone fabric.  The white bobbin thread really shows the different quilting designs (along with any mistakes I made).

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