Sunday, January 4, 2015

Keeping the craft alive

One thing I think is very important is that we teach our younger generations how to sew, quilt, cook, and clean house.  Too many of our children feel that they are entitled to have everything without putting forth any effort for it. 

I am lucky to say that my granddaughters do not act like this, for the most part.  They realize that it takes hard work to get the things you want. They also know you don't always get the things you want, but you will always have the things you need.  As they are getting older it is becoming more challenging to remind them of this.

One thing both of the girls love to do is craft... anything.  They are both very imaginative and love to make things out of whatever they can find.  The oldest GD wants to be a fashion designer. She has already created a few of her own designs.  For Christmas this year she got several design books, some fabric and ribbon from Joann fabrics, and a miniature dressmaker's model (Barbie doll sized).

The younger GD is just learning to sew.  She wants to be a quilter, not a fashion sewer.  While they were here visiting for Christmas, I showed her how to piece squares into a little quilt. She did a very good job keeping her seams even and mostly straight.  Then we layered it with cotton batting and backing fabric and she quilted it on the domestic machine. She made a little mini quilt, just perfect for her Barbie dolls. Yesterday, before they headed back to Texas, she wanted to make another one.  There wasn't enough time, but she did start on one she can finish when they come back to visit during the summer.

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