Monday, October 27, 2014

A Pinterest junkie

Okay, I'll admit it.  I have a problem.  I am becoming addicted to Pinterest.  What began as a few pins stuck on there to help me remember a quilting design or piecing pattern  has quickly become a collection of seven personal boards with topics ranging from crafts to recipes to classroom ideas.   I probably could further subdivide those into another 6 or 8 boards.  Every time I go onto the site to look for one thing I end up finding 30 or 40 things that I really like. 

What is Pinterest, you might be asking.  Pinterest is an online bulletin board where you can save all those fabulous recipes, home decor and craft ideas, clothing styles, hairstyles, and a multitude of other things. It is free to register and you can link to friends and family members, sharing your favorite pins with them. 

Some of my favorite boards to follow are Judi Madsen Quilting,  Quilting Ideas by Patricia C, Jan Krentz, and Sue Patten.  If you are ever in need of an idea for a quilting design, or just need a dose of quilt eye candy, you should visit Pinterest.

No matter what you are looking for you can find it on Pinterest.  There are even some men who have set up Pinterest boards with topics like car repair, fishing, and hunting. Pinterest is great for all ages and all interests.

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