Saturday, October 25, 2014

Another Circle Lord Quilt

My customer, Nadine, asked me to quilt this kit quilt.  The pattern is called Spoolin' Around and it is from Starr Design Fabrics.  The muted batiks are so beautiful.  She wanted a pretty, swirling floral design on it.  After much debate and decision making, we settled on the Cosmos design from Circle Lord.  I have used this pattern before on her quilts and she really likes it.  I love the way the quilt turned out.  For top thread I used a khaki that matched the tan batik.  It looked great on the colored blocks, without being too stark.  For bobbin thread I used ecru colored magnetic bobbins.  The batting is Hobbs poly down. I love the light definition it creates without being too puffy or heavy.  This quilt kit is available for purchase from Star Design Fabrics.  It makes a 60" square throw.

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