Tuesday, October 14, 2014

FREE Quilting!!!

Last year's response to the blog and Facebook posting about Christmas quilts was so much fun to read.   I really enjoyed hearing about the quilts, tree skirts, wall hangings, and table runners you had stitched up to decorate your own home or give as a gift.

I thought it would be really fun to do it again.  So, in the comments box tell me about what you've been working on.  Have you designed something special for a family member?  Are you stitching up a fabulous tree skirt or table runner for your own holiday decorating?

On October 31st I will pick one person from all the responses here and on Facebook.  That person will receive free quilting with a pretty all over freehand design to match that special project. 
     Rudy will be wearing his Santa hat and awaiting your responses.


  1. I am working on an appliqued Santa quilt that I started in 2005. Since I am currently unemployed, I pulled it out of the closet and decided now was the time get it completed. My fingers are sore, but I've got only one more block to go. When it is finished, it will be a great accomplishment.

  2. That sounds lovely. I have never had the patience for hand applique. I tried a few times, but mine did not look neat and tidy. I admire you for being able to do that. I would love to see a photo when you are finished. ~ Teresa

  3. I'm working on a microwave bowl holder for our Son-in-law. What set it off was a block I set back, several years ago with his name on it.
    I'm trying to make time to do something personal for each in the family, instead of just their wish of gift cards.

    I was hoping to finish a quilt for our bed, but it is far too small, so, I still only have 2 quilts I kept for us, and want to make another. They still all have the now ratty tatty christmas stockings, maybe next year I can make each of them a fancy, embroidered or quilted stockings.
    Anyway.. the bowl holder and exchange blocks are it right now.